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A very rare opportunity to own this 1967 MK 1 English Austin Mini Moke resto project.  This particular one is car #25 from the famous Catalina Island rental fleet with lots of history.  I am told it came from Minnesota so most likely part of Tom Schramm’s batch.  If you are not familiar with the story of the Catalina Island Moke rental fleet, than I recommend you search the Mini Mania forum as there is lots of great info that other members have posted over the years.  After reading thru the forums, I learned that back in the early 90’s Larry Holloway from New Jersey endeavoured the task of buying approx 58 Mokes on Catalina Island and bringing them on a barge to mainland Long beach, CA where some were sold off to Tom Schramm in Minnesota (not sure exactly how many) and a few to other individuals and the rest went on a couple rail cars back with Larry to New Jersery.  It appears that Larry’s batch sat outdoors for 20+ years and by the end were in pretty rough shape with Roger from M-parts buying the remaining 17 a few years ago and shipping them back to UK to complete extensive restorations.  Tom’s batch on the other hand went by truck to Minnesota and were stored in several barns over the years which gave it some protection from the elements.

As you can see from the photos, this Moke is going to require a complete resto with new floors, fenders and other metal work.  The good news is that body panels are now readily available from www.mokepannels.com and www.m-parts.co.uk  The chassis plate on this Moke is missing however, the body # is still intact and British Motor Heritage Museum advised that they have records of body # and and associated chassis/VIN for all MK1 Minis and Mokes that can be cross referenced so it appears there may be a way to track down its original VIN# otherwise most provinces/states have a process to register a classic car with a locally assigned VIN so you will need to do your own homework here as I will be selling it with a bill of sale.

This project is currently located on the West Coast in the Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada area and I am about 15 min north of the Blaine, WA, US border crossing.  All you need to do is rent a pickup truck (if you don’t own one) with an 8ft box as it fits quite nicely in there and how I transported it.  If you are looking to arrange a shipper, I can include the jig I made for it as seen in some of the photos which keeps it vertical and rolling so you don’t incur additional crating costs.  Speaking of photos, I have included a couple photos of another restored Catalina Moke that I found on the web to give you an idea of what this project could look like in the end if you were to restore to original.

If you were to buy a new body shell from M-parts in UK it will easily cost you 10K after exchange, freight, taxes etc and it would not have the same exciting history as this one as a collector. English Mokes are getting to be harder and harder to come by and once restored this Moke could be worth a lot.  Last year, this beautifully restored Catalina Moke sold for £26,500 http://www.bespokemokes.co.uk/?page_id=17 and more are being restored.  Also this one in the US sold last Sept for $35,000 which is also a former Catilina Moke from Tom's batch in MS as well.  http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1968-austin-mini-moke/ so a great investment indeed. If you are looking for inspiration on taking on such a project than you got to check out this link to Chris Mckay's Moke resto in Oregon that was completed a few years back http://restorationmini.com/forum/index.php?topic=425.0  

I am open to offers on this project and happy to answer any additional questions you might have.  Feel free to email me directly at stealth08@gmail.com 


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