2 DSC04313_grid.jpg

150.00 CDN

This windscreen is for a late model Classic Mini with the rear view mirror attached to the glass. It also has a decal on it about the aibag...
2 months, 26 days ago
3 DSC00140_grid.jpg

50.00 CDN

For sale a British ignition switch with Keys NOS. I am not sure what it go's to but the Leyland Box it's in says part #13H 6459. Any idea's.
5 days, 11 hours ago
1 20170125_161738_grid.jpg

130.00 CDN

Remote Shifter Housing (22g0222) with shift rod. Good splines on the end of the shaft and almost no play in the housing. This housing fits early...
4 months, 29 days ago
2 DSC00073_grid.jpg

120.00 CDN

For sale is a brand new Lucas Model 65DW4 Electronic Distributor for the A+ motor. Comes with a new Rotor and Cap. $120.00
1 week ago
2 DSC00081_grid.jpg

500.00 CDN

I have for sale an original still in the box "ROKEE" Wood dash (without vent holes). Complete with the original screws and knobs in sealed bag. If...
1 week ago
1 DSC00091_grid.jpg

60.00 CDN

NOS Morris Cooper badge, missing clips. $60.00
1 week ago
2 DSC_1242_grid.jpg

40.00 CDN

Mk I or Mk II plastic black dash.
2 weeks, 6 days ago
2 DSC_1074_grid.jpg

500.00 CDN

4 "BRAND NEW" Ultralite alloy rims 6 X 10 (ET-3). contact Mike phone or email.
2 weeks, 6 days ago
6 DSC_0798_grid.jpg

Classic Mini Parts

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1.00 CDN

Exterior Parts: -Black Wipers and Arms $5 -Chrome Wipers and Arms $25 (near new) -Sealed Beam Headlights $5 -Late Model plastic headlight buckets...
4 months, 12 days ago
1 IMG_20170402_173659_grid.jpg

350.00 CDN

Part number Ap 3026-2 Lockheed or 3243-349c or 3D26-2. I can't remember what size of rim but i think 10". Single pot calipes. Set of two. Used of...
1 month, 17 days ago
2 IMG_20170402_173959_grid.jpg

270.00 CDN

12 G 940 head  unmodified.Ready to vizard
1 month, 17 days ago
2 DSC04096_grid.jpg

150.00 CDN

I got this for my Woody project but decided not to use it.  The speedo works but I haven't check the two gauges.  It's in very good condition. ...
1 month, 19 days ago
1 LUCKYmar22016_038_grid.jpg

30.00 CDN

NEW RH 6 Flute outer sill for LWB...Van, Pickup, Traveller, Countryman.  Early outer sills were 4 flute.  (we made a 4 flute out of the RH 6 flute...
2 months, 1 week ago

1.00 CDN

Parts for 1992 SPI mini, I converting to carb so I have all the fuel injection parts as well as the air conditoner system
3 months, 4 days ago
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