Vancouver Mini Club

"Dedicated to Preserving and Enjoying the Mini Automobile"

VMC Regulations & Guidelines

Dear Prospective Member:

 The Vancouver Mini Club was founded in July, 1973 by eight enthusiastic Mini owners. In the first year, the membership had increased to approximately sixty members. 

The Club was started because we think that Minis are extremely unique. With proper care and maintenance, we believe that a Mini is a very dependable automobile on the road today, on top of being extremely economical and just plain fun to drive. What more could you ask for in a car produced since 1959 and is still currently in production. Also, these cars appear to be quite rare and collectible in North America, so we would like to see as many vehicles as we can preserve for as long as possible.

One of the goals of the club is to teach people how to take good care of their Mini. We have various members in the club who are very knowledgeable with the internal workings and restoration of this marvelous machine. 

The club also has a large number of social events for members, such as picnics, parties, and weekend camping trips. We also try to encourage members to be active in motor sport events, such as slaloms, rallies, and racing. Looking for your support - come join the Vancouver Mini Club today. 

Feel free to attend a meeting to see what we're all about!
Sincerely yours,
From the Executive members of the Vancouver Mini Club


 Preservation and enjoyment  
of the Mini Automobile



Social Events



Charity Fundraisers 


Monthly Meeting


 Slaloms & Rallies

   Heart & Stroke Foundation
Technical Information    Annual Mini Meet Conventions     Cardiac Care at Royal Columbian Hospital  
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Vancouver Mini Club 

Meetings & Membership


    1. General meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 8:00pm at a place announced in our Calendar of Events
    2. All members will pay a membership fee. (see below)  Membership is for one year from sign up date.
    3. Types of membership:
                a) Active Member: A member who participates in club events and monthly meetings.
                b) Member at Large: A member who lives out of normal driving range of Vancouver.
    4. Registration Fees:
                VMCRegistrationTNa) New Active Member: $25.00
                b) Member at Large: $20.00
    5. Subsequent Annual Fees:
                a) Active Member: $25.00
                b) Member at Large: $20.00
    6. A new member shall be entitled to the following upon joining the club:
                - 2 window decals
                - 1 stitched crest
                - a schedule of annual events
                - access to the MiniScooper Newsletter
                - a dozen club business cards
    7. Any action that is detrimental to the club's reputation and safety is reason for immediate expulsion from the club.


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